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Revenge is sweet~. Don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise.

Since I have nothing of interest to update about today, I'll tell you a little story about yesterday that I forgot to mention instead:

It started off in the lunch line, as SO many of these things do. I had collected my lunch and drink, while two girls still in line were giggling and shoving eachother for fun. Normally, I have absolutely no problem with this, as long as they stay out of my way.

Except that it got out of hand, and Girl A shoved Girl B so hard that she careered into ME. Who, of course, having a cup full of red cordial in one hand, spilt it all down my uniform. Let me clarify: my school uniform has to be DRY CLEANED. It can't go in the washing machine. >:E. Naturally, things got catty. (In my defence, I was already having a horrid day before this?)

Girl B: *After crashing into me* Oh! Hey there. *Walks back to her spot in line, doesn't say sorry or anything*
Me: *S-S-SNAP* Aughh! What the hell is your problem? Be more aware of your surroundings if you're going to do stupid things like that! You could have at least said sorry!
Girl A: *Giggle*
Girl B: *Mimics in a falsetto bitchy voice* "What the hell is your problem?" *giggle*
Me: *BITCH PLZ?!* Well, since ruining other people's school uniforms is obviously not of any consequence to you, lets see how you like it! *Takes cup and pours the remainder of the red cordial on Girl B, then stalks off >:E*

Not something I say a lot, but: LOL PWNED.
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