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Nuuu~! Didn't update yesterday-- broke my streak of updating once a day all month :(. Oh well, I'll have to try again next month.

Went to careers night at school.

It's starting to look like ANU [Australian National University] is going to be my best choice. In Canberra. Canberra. (For non-Australians, let me clarify: not only is Canberra a hole, it is a freaking cold hole.) But that's provided I can get in, anyway. Their have a higher standard for the course I want to do than their equivalents at other unis.

Anyway, even if I end up not going/being able to go to ANU, I'll still have to pay for on-campus accomodation, no matter which uni I go to. (At this point, it's looking like a toss up between ANU, UNSW: COFA [University of New South Wales: College of Fine Arts] and Sydney Uni (in that order). The latter two, whilst not being in bloody CANBERRA, are still a great distance away from where I live by public transport. (Lets face it: I'm not getting a car any time soon. And even if I were, it's STILL a great distance by car-- just longer by public transport. It would involve at least two buses and a heckuva long train ride.)

And Macquarie Uni, whilst being close to where I live, is completely out of the question.

So! It looks like any way we have it, it's going to be on-campus accomodation.

Which, of course, sent my mother into an uproar. (Would it kill her to be supportive of her daughter for a change? I suppose it must, since she's never done it. I think she's trying to take her money to the grave with her, and Dad's too. Okay, fine, I accept that she won't give me financial aid, that's fair. But telling Dad what he can and can't do with his money? It's not her money in the first place! It's so outrageous, the way he lets her bully him.)

Mother thinks I should stay at home for the next four years of my life, never growing up, never becoming independant, always staying "her little girl", staying in this SOCIAL HOLE of a suburb which HAS NOTHING, except EXPENSIVE HOUSES AND RICH OLD FARTS IN THEM. HA HA HA. NOT BLOODY LIKELY. The only conversations we ever have these days are ARGUMENTS. She insists on controlling every aspect of my life! She wants to make all my decisions for me-- to "shield and guide me" of course. If I am not allowed to make my own mistakes and experience life outside of my cosy little home on the North Shore, how does she think I'll cope once she's gone? She's so selfish, argh! Let me just say this:

If I am still in this house by March next year, I want somebody to take a gun to my head and SHOOT ME. PLEASE. BY GOD ALMIGHTY, SHOOT ME. Put me out of my misery.

At any rate, this is what it's looking like right now: since Dad is a sissy who won't cross Mother to lend his daughter financial aid for university (which, I might point out, he gave to his OTHER four daughters-- just because they had a different mother, and he felt guilty about the divorce?!) just because she wants to keep me in the house, the money I was going to use to go to England next year is probably going to end up being used to support me living on campus in uni instead, just so I can GET AWAY from my mother. Actually, after thinking about it, ANU seems quite appealing.

After all, if I can't go to England, at least Canberra is th next closest thing to "far, far away."
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Deleted comment

I knoooow. CANBERRA, DUDE. That's SO FAR AWAY D:. I won't know ANYBODY. I'll be... *GASP* forced to... MAKE NEW FRIENDS?! Heaven forbid. And I won't be able to just see you or Steph whenever I want, either D:. *Cryyyy D:* But it really does look like the best option. Still, it's debatable whether I'll get in or not anyway. (LOL UAI OF 88?! CAN I DO IT? Douuuubt it. And THEN you have to pass an interview and hand in a portfolio of your artwork, too, just to get INTO the course. It's really high standard >O<. But if I can do it... argh, it's such a toss up between what'll make me happy academically and what'll make me happy socially XD. But anyway.)

Actually, in a way I kind of hope that for some reason I'm rejected from ANU, so that then the decision is made for me XD;. ISN'T THAT PATHETIC?
And by high standard, I mean, for an Arts course.

Not comparing to like, medicine or law or anything. (HAHAHAHA me doing medicine. God, what a disaster that would be!)

Deleted comment

Awww, don't you have like, a careers night thing at your school, where representatives from various universities came around and you questioned them about what their uni had to offer?

Man, I had like, a set list of questions down in my head.

1. I want to do something arts related. I've already spent the last five years of high school studying art theory and history-- I don't want to spend the next three to four years of uni doing it some MORE. (It's already bored me to death.) Do the arts courses at your school offer a practical, hands on approach, such as learning to draw anatomy, digital media, painting, etc etc? If the answer is no, then all other questions are null and void-- move on to next table.

2. I would like to study Japanese. Does your uni offer Japanese as a language to study? If the answer is no, move on to next table.

3. If possible, I'd also like to study creative writing, that sort of thing-- the mechanics of how to write a good story, etc. You need all that sort of thing in order to write a good comic, yes? So I asked if it was possible to combine that with the aforementioned subjects, if it was available/possible, etc. If answer was no, didn't really matter that much-- priorities were the first two.

4. Does your uni offer on-campus accomodation? (If answer is no, move on.) How much does it cost?

5. Does your uni offer scholarships? (This was just a question I thought I might throw out there-- no harm in applying.)

6. Can you give me a pamphlet/brochure/whatnot with a condensed version of all the information you've just told me so that I can look back on it when I'm writing on my uni application forms?

And that was it, move on to the next table.

Even if your school doesn't offer a careers night, you should see if you can go to uni open days (usually they're held in September) and ask as many questions as you can there. If not, find their website on line (they'll almost certainly have one) and make the website answer similar questions you might have :3. It involves a bit more work, but ... it'd probably be best |D;;?

ANYWAY MIYU, DON'T PUT YOURSELF DOWN >:O. You're super duper smart, k. Don't let me ever hear you say otherwise XD. AND BESIDES: you go to like, 50 billion million GAZILLION hours of tutoring per week D:. I don't get ANY tutoring, AND I'm dumb XD;. The only thing I'm relying on is the school's good reputation for good education |D;;? I'm wayyy screwed XD.

Anyway, don't worry if you haven't started searching yet. One of my sisters told me that she didn't have any idea what course or uni she was going to apply to until she actually got the "uni application form" and had to fill it out! And she's going fine :). So chill-- you'll do great, I'm sure :3.
I'm sorry to hear that hon. Hopefully the uni thing will work out in your favour though. ^_^
Cassie come to me. D:
... Canada is even colder than Canberra D:.