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Oh god.

Lungs are constricting, can't breathe. It feels like there's a ten tonne weight on my lugs-- not my chest, but beneath that, as if I actually can't move my ribcage up and down. Don't panic don't panic, it'll be fine. But I feel panic rising anyway and I think I'm about to hurl.

Oh for pete's sake Cassie seriously just stop this shit. I fell asleep at my computer at 3 AM in the morning, having still only written 300 words. I need to write the other 900 in my free period today, ha ha ha ha ha ha. Shit, Cass, why?

It's Friday it's Friday it's Friday I can rest after today I can sleep all of Saturday and oh god I need to BREATHE goddamnit, why can't I get air into my lungs?! I'm gasping but there's nothing coming in. I feel like a fish out of water.

What is wrong with me? I need to stop doing this.
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