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5/20/06 // 11:41 am

I... really need to learn how to take shorter showers.

< /not a one-liner, really >
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5/19/06 // 06:57 am


Have two clips!

Stolen from drazzi: one of my favourite Titanic spoofs yet.

And! The 'Yatta' video clip -- it's things like this that make me afraid of the Japanese some times.

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5/18/06 // 11:59 am

HAY GUYS. Quick post before I go to bed. To maintain my so far untainted streak of one-post-per-day this month!


Go joiiiiiiiiiiiiin. ... No, seriously. Chances are that I'll be using that more often now than LJ and/or dA to post both arts and writings stuff (NOT THAT I EVER DO ANYWAY, but y'know... maybe this will encourage me to do it more often?) so yeah. Go have a look-see.

You'll have to put up with mitbix's stuff on it too but her stuff is actually really amazing and so so so much better than mine so you should REALLY CHECK IT OUT ♥.

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5/17/06 // 06:52 pm

Okay so like, the definite highlight of my day was getting a heavy, 20 minute long nosebleed at the end of lunch today. Hip hip hooray. Bah, it's not as if I'm not used to them, but ugh, gross. I hate blood. Especially when it just comes out of your nose in clots, and then you hold your head back to stem the flow a bit, and so then it's going down your throat and suddenly you have huge clumps of blood coming out your mouth instead! Fuck I hate my body.

And people wonder why I'm iron deficient.

Bah. General grumpy mood today. (Helped only by the fact that I spent my free period today being productive. Go me.)

Edit: Oh and I forgot to mention as well-- being cold is knowing you are going to scald your entire tongue but downing your hot chocolate anyway, because if you wait for it to get cooler then you won't get warm, thus defeating the purpose of buying it. Rah dead tastebuds. Oh well, only myself to blame! Bloody weather. I WANT MY SUMMER BACK D:.
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5/16/06 // 06:10 pm

... Narti and I are officially crazy! In the mad genius type of way. We amuse ourselves ENDLESSLY.

Of course, most of this won't make much sense if you're not familiar with either Avatar: The Last Airbender or either of our original charries/stories, but eh.

The FF.net mocking starts with fake!summaries...Collapse )

And continues with crack pairings...Collapse )

And continues with looking at ACTUAL ff.net summaries in the Avatar section...Collapse )

AND CONTINUES STILL... with more OC summaries for our own fandomsCollapse )

And then we move on to mocking ff.net reviewers...Collapse )
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5/15/06 // 04:55 pm


Tomorrow is the athletics carnvial, isn't it?!

I wanna go but I don't wanna go. (Last athletics carnival ever vs SickyMcSick.)

Bahhh, I haven't even made a costume or anything D:. *Commence search of room, dun dun dun!*

PS: Sleeping from 9 AM until 4 PM? Best feeling ever! I think the fever is gone, at least. Still have the killer headache from hell, though D:. And I am starving, of course, having technically no food in my system since dinner last night. Bah, meds can go screw themselves. WHO NEEDS 'EM >:E.
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sick update + tmi, sorry.

5/15/06 // 09:37 am



There goes my breakfast.

I don't think I can stomach any more food just yet, even though I'm starving. And the meds are what caused that, uh, reaction in the first place, so uh. Yeah. Sleep time.
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GIP bitches: I now have an icon solely for study-related entries. Haw haw.

5/15/06 // 04:31 am

It's 4:30 AM and I've hit the 1,000 word mark! Good going Cass. Now I just need to ramble on for a few hundred more words and then write my intro and conclusion.

Bloody hell, this is one bitch of an assessment task. I can't even remember the last time I had to pull an all-nighter in order to get an essay done.

Ugh, and I'm sick to boot. My condition has gone from bad to worse over the weekend. Body is now shaking frequently and I'm pretty certain I have a fever, not to mention a killer headache that no amount of Asprin will solve and racking cough frequent enough to justify getting doped up on Dimetapp, if it weren't for the fact that I have a bloody ESSAY to write.

Mrrr, I think when I go to school today, I'll hand this in and sign for it, then run straight home and collapse. 'Cause seriously. This is getting more than a little retarded.
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5/14/06 // 09:19 pm

Mother's day is possibly my least favourite day of the year.

For me, all it ever entails is emotional blackmail, lies, materialism, disgust and jealousy.

Why would anyone ever have children? It has to be one of the most painful, trying, thankless and ungratifying tasks in the entire world. At least that's how it looks from where I'm standing, anyway.
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5/14/06 // 06:23 pm


I am really sick of watching movies where everybody DIES at the end. It's all I've been doing today.


PS: Totally off topic, but-- five awesome new Tactics icons. All missdeep's fault. Who am I kidding? We love her |D.
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